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-----------------VERSE 1----------------
I told you once
I told you twice
The things you do 
are just not nice
 they're just not nice
 not very nice

----------------VERSE 2---------------
I warned you now
three times or more
you keep it up
I'm out the door
   I'm out the door
   Right out that door

I reached the end
There's no second chance
I've reached the end
There's no more fancy dance
I've reached the end

--------------VERSE 3-----------------
I've said before
I'll say again
You act like you
were born to sin
 You're born to sin
 you're born to sin

--------------CHORUS  (as above)----------- 

Tommorrow may not come if you don't change your ways today
The sorrow may be waiting, do you still know how to pray?

--------------CHORUS  (as above)-----------