Copyright © 2009 by Phil Shaw - All Rights Reserved

------------VERSE 1 -------
This is the last time
I'm ever going fishing with you

You chitter, you chatter
You act like it don't matter

The last damned time
I'm ever going fishing with you

----------VERSE 2  -------------
Never another
Another day of fishing with you

You giggle, you gaggle
You wiggle and you waggle

There's no damn chance
I'll ever take you fishing again

You are a very good wife back home
Terrific mom terrific mate
You are an excellant wife back home
You wink your eye I take the bait
But home is home, dear, and fishing's not the same
Another day like this we'll fight and it won't be a game.

------------VERSE 3  -------------------------
Let's bag the fishing
Let's pack it up and head on back home

I've noticed your perfume
your Daisy Dukes and dimples

Forget the fish
Let's get on home and get out my pole.