Copyright © 2009 by Phil Shaw - All Rights Reserved

--------------VERSE 1-------------------------
My best dog, Jack, got squashed by a truck.
My wife ran off with some guy, name of Buck.
But I won the Lotto, at last I am rich.
I bought a new dog, named him Jack. Screw that bitch.

-------------VERSE 2--------------------------
Suppose some truck should squash my new Jack,
Suppose my wife should decide to come back.
I'll buy a new Lotto, I'll win a new prize.
I may not be smart, but I think with my eyes. 

Confusion often racks me, I don't know which way to turn.
I spin with indecision all night long.
So I take a coin and toss it,
heads for left and tails for right.
Then I know which way I'm going to go.

------------VERSE 3------------------------------
New Jack done died, some new-found disease.
My wife moved in with her wine-sippin' squeeze.
But I've got a rocker, out here in the yard,
where I sit and make sure I don't think too hard.