Once Is Enough

Copyright © 2009 by Phil Shaw - All Rights Reserved


You want to start again? 
You say we had a spark? 
You want to do the things 
we only did when it was dark? 
Well, baby I'm nowhere that tough. 
Once is enough. 

You want to be my pet? 
My loving Valentine? 
You swear that this time you will truly 
truly be all mine? 
Well, baby, you play way too rough. 
Once is enough. 

You play a nasty game. 
No referree, no sissy rules. 
The things you do they never teach in school. 

You never take the blame 
for what you do to sissy souls, 
and other silly chumps and stupid fools. 

You want to change your ways? 
You swear you'll never cheat? 
You say you'll do me right 
and give me treats beneath the sheets? 
Well, baby, you're no powder puff. 
Once is enough