Copyright © 2009 by Phil Shaw - All Rights Reserved

----------------VERSE 1-------------------
Long ago we built a palace
Long ago we cleared the field
Long ago we felt no enmity or malice
Long ago we put aside our sword and shield

---------------VERSE 2----------------------
Long ago we danced the Maypole
Long ago we cheered our friends
Long ago we thought we'd never hear the bell toll
Long ago we thought our wish would be our end

But long ago is long since long time gone
And long ago will never see another new day dawn

Sunset on the ocean
Sunset on the hill
Sunset on our foolish dreams
Sunset, look what time can kill

---------------VERSE 3-------------------------
Long ago we had no worry
Long ago we took our time
Long ago we had no need to heed or hurry
Long ago we thought delay was not a crime