Peculiar dictions

Phil Shaw -

It's not about...

  • "It's not about profit, it's about social responsibility."
  • "I'm not about getting re-elected. I'm about doing the right thing." is...

  • "The problem is, is that we don't know..."
  • "The thing of it is, is that..."
  • "What the reason was, was that...

I'm like...

  • " I'm like 'what do you expect', and he's like 'I don't know'."


  • "So I go 'what do you want', and he goes 'I don't know'."

(present tense for past)

  • "I'm in London with my daughter, and I see this great cabinet, only I don't have my checkbook and they don't take credit cards, so I call my bank and...".
  • "So we go to a movie, and I'm wondering how we're going to get home, and he's not saying anything..."

I need you to...

  • "I need you to get out of the car."
  • "I need you to do me a favor."

Go ahead and...

  • "Go ahead and have a seat."

Don't go there.

  • (Regarding some topic): "Don't go there!"

You...(meaning I)

  • "On this record, you're writing about something that everyone saw and had some experience with, and obviously some people experienced it much more intimately...When you're putting yourself into shoes you haven't worn, you have to be very...just very thoughtful, is the way that I'd put it. Just thoughtful. You call on your craft, and you go searching for it, and hopefully what makes people listen is that over the years you've been serious and honest. That's where your creative authority comes from. That's how people know you're not just taking a ride."
  • "As you get to 20, you grow up, you experiment. You feel more comfortable in your skin."

Talk to me about...

  • "Talk to me about what investors can do..."


  • "Do I want low taxes? Yes.
  • "Do I think we should short-change our children's education? No."

  • "I am so not ready for that."


  • "High-priced luxury items (think Rolex and Dunhill)..."