Company slogans

Phil Shaw -

A1 Steak Sauce "Yeah, it's that important!"
Albertson's super markets "It's your store."
American Express credit card "Don't leave home without it."
Ameritrade stock broker "What's your share?"
Appleby's restaurants "Eatin' good - in the neighborood."
Audi automobiles "Never follow."
Avis car rental "We try harder."
Baskin-Robbins ice cream "What's your flavor?"
Big-O Tires "Reputation you can ride on."
Bissell vacuum cleaners "We mean clean!"
Bolla Wines"Open up."
Boston Market restaurants "Slow down."
Camel cigarettes "I'd walk a mile for a Camel."
Campbell's Soup "M'm M'm good!"
Capital One credit cards "What's in your wallet?"
Carl's Jr hamburgers "Don't bother me, I'm eating."
Chevrolet"Like a rock."
Chili's restaurants "Get in, get out, get on with your life."
Cingular wireless "What do you have to say."
Citi - Citibank "May your finances be organized and your life remain random."
"Live richly."
Coca Cola "The pause that refreshes."
Coke (Diet) "Do what feels good."
Conoco Oil "Think big, act fast."
Cotton "The fabric of our lives."
Dell Computers "Easy to buy, easy to own, easy as Dell."
DiGiorno frozen pizza "It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno."
Fisher-Price toys "Oh, the possibilities."
Ford "Quality is Job #1."
Fox TV "Fair and balanced."
GE "We bring good things to life."
"Cooking, at the speed of life."
General Tires "Sooner or later you'll own General."
Gevalia coffee "Always a pleasure to come home to."
Grape Nuts cereal "Live life your own way."
Hackett bungy jumping "Why live on the edge when you can jump off."
Halmark greeting cards "When you care enough to send the very best."
Hartford Insurance "Bring it on."
"Always thinking ahead."
Home Depot hardware "You can do it. We can help."
Hoover "Deep down you want Hoover."
Jaguar "The art of motion."
"Born to perform."
Jello "I could go for something Jello."
Jimmie Dean sausages "Breakfast never sounded so good."
Kodak cameras "Share the moment, share life."
Kotex sanitary napkins"Kotex fits. Period."
Leapfrom children's books "Lean something new, every day."
Lincoln automobiles "There are those who travel, and those who travel well."
Lotto California "It's your dream. Play it."
Lucky Strike cigarettes "L.S.M.F.T. - Lucky Strike means fine tobacco."
MagLite flashlights"It's never dark in America."
MassMutual insurance "You can't predict. You can prepare."
Mattress Discounters "Have a good night's sleep on us."
Maxwell House coffee "Good to the last drop."
McDonalds "Did somebody say 'McDonalds'?."
"We love to see you smile."
Mellon investments "The difference is measureable."
Merrill Lynch stockbrokers "Bullish on America."
Mercedes "Appearance is not always reality."
Methodist Church "Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors."
Microsoft "Where do you want to go today."
"Yes you can."
Midas mufflers "We do that."
Morton's salt "When it rains, it pours."
National Geographic magazine "Always wonder."
Nike "Just do it."
Olive Garden restaurants "When you're here, you're family."
Office Max"What's your thing?"
Oreal cosmetics "Because you're worth it."
Outback Steak Houses "No rules, just right."
Paine Weber stock brockerage "Thank you, Paine Weber."
PTA (Parent Teacher's Association) "Every child. One voice."
J.C.Penney department stores "It's all inside."
Pepperidge Farm bread "Never have an ordinary day."
Pillsbury cake mix "Our heart to yours."
Planter's peanuts "Relax, go nuts!"
Play Station 2 video games "Live in your world, play in ours."
Radio Shack "You've got questions, we've got answers."
Ragu spagetti "Eat life up!"
Reno, Nevada "The biggest little city in the world!"
Revlon cosmetics "Be unforgettable!"
Rolex"A crown for every achievement."
Romano's Spagetti Grill "Life is delicious"
Royal Caribean cruise ships "Get out there!"
Sara Lee cakes "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee."
Dr.Scholls foot remedies "Look. Feel. Do. Better."
The Shane Company (jewelry): "Now you have a friend in the diamond business."
SlimFast diet food "It's your life - feed it right."
Smuckers jelly "With a name like 'Smuckers', it's got to be good!"
Staples office supply "Yeah, we've got that."
"That was easy."
State Farm insurance "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there."
Stauffer's frozen foods "Nothing comes closer to home."
Subaru cars"Driven by what's inside."
Taco Bell restaurants "Think outsice the bun."
Target department stores "Expect more. Pay less."
Togo's sandwich shops "It's a way of lunch."
Toyota Rav-4 "There and back."
U.S. Army "Be all that you can be."
U.S. Marine Corps "We're looking for a few good men.", automobile web site "Readmap to the automobile world."
Verizon long distance "Make progress every day."
Volvo"You think, then you build."
Wachovia securities ".Wisdom is everywhere.
Uncommon wisdom is knowing how to apply it.
Men's Wearhouse clothes "You're going to like the way you look. I guarantee it."
Whirlpool appliances "Just imagine."
Winston cigarettes "Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should."