B & B

A musical comedy

Words and music by Phil Shaw


Phil Shaw
1350 E Flamingo Rd #345
Las Vegas NV 89119 USA

(702) 372 8297

Copyright © 2021 by Phil Shaw - All Rights Reserved



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  • BEATRICE (BEA) BAILEY (alto) - A political consultant and opponent of the Baker-Beckham Bill.
  • BEN BENEDICT (baritone) - A political consultant and supporter of the Baker-Beckham Bill.
  • REGINA BAILEY (alto) - BEA's sister, in town for a visit.
  • REX BURNHAM (baritone) - BEN's partner in political consulting.
  • BONNY (alto) - REX's aunt and BARRY's wife. Proprietor (with BARRY) of the Beaches & Bingo Bed & Breakfast, in Barbados.
  • BARRY (baritone) - REX's uncle and BONNY's husband.

Props and costumes

  • None.

Performance Notes

  1. The running time is 1 hour 42 minutes, plus pauses between numbers.
  2. Locations:
    • The Town Hall stage, where BEA & BEN speak on the Baker-Beckham Bill.
    • BEA's car, BEA & REGINA returning to the offices.
    • BEN's car, BEN & REX returning to the offices.
    • The common area of the offices.
    • BEA's office.
    • BEN's office.
  3. Ages:
    • BEA and BEN and REX and REGINA can be anywhere from their 20s to their 40s or beyond.
    • REX and REGINA are either (roughly) the same ages as BEA and BEN, or are older.
    • BONNIE and BARRY are retirement age, 60s or older.


BEA and BEN speak at a Town Hall meeting opposing and supporting the Baker-Beckham Bill, then return to their offices with REX and REGINA to await the results of the Senate vote. Complications ensue.


Scene 1: The Town Hall Meeting

BEA & BEN address the audience with arguments for and against the Backer-Beckham Bill. [2. "DO WHAT'S RIGHT".]

Scene 2: "How do you do?"

After the Town Hall meeting, BEA and BEN exchange jibes. REX, BEN's partner, enters and BEN introduces him. REGINA, BEA's sister enters, and BEA introduces her. [3. "HOW DO YOU DO?".]

Scene 3a: BEN and REX talk

While BEN and REX are driving back to their office, REX comments favorably on BEA, but BEN doesn't want to talk about her. ["4. "LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT HER?".]

Scene 3b: BEA and REGINA talk

While they are driving back to BEA's office (next to REX and BEN's office), REGINA comments favorably on BEN, but BEA doesn't want to talk about him. ["5. "LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT HIM?".]

Scene 4: BEA & BEN go for take out

BEA shows REGINA the offices, with a shared common area and offices for BEA and for REX and BEN. REGINA suggests that BEA and BEN go downstairs and get some take-out food. BEA and BEN exchange jibes about their different food preferences, then leave to get the take-out. [6. "LET'S COOPERATE".]

Scene 5a: REGINA & REX talk about Shakespeare

REGINA and REX, now alone in the offices, chit-chat about the weather. REGINA asks if REX is familiar with Shakespeare and finds that, having once played Claudio in college, REX is familiar with Much Ado About Nothing in particular. [7. "SHAKESPEARE".]

Scene 5b: REGINA & REX plot

REGINA and REX decide to pull a prank on BEA and BEN whereby REGINA would tell BEA that BEN is crazy about her, and REX would do the same with BEN, mutatis mutandis. {8. "LET'S HAVE US SOME FUN".]

Scene 6: BEA & BEN return

BEA and BEN return empty-handed, having been unable to agree on what take-out to get. REGINA and REX indicate that they were half-way expecting this. [9. "I'M NOT SURPRISED".] BEA and BEN go to their respective offices to check the results for the Baker-Beckham Bill.

Scene 7a: REGINA pranks BEA

REGINA goes to BEA's office and they chit-chat about the weather. REGINA says that BEN is really a jerk for thinking he was good enough for a woman like BEA, whom he was obviously crazy about. [10. "WHAT A JERK!".]

Scene 7b: REX pranks BEN

REX goes to the office that he and BEN share and they chit-chat about the weather. REX pleads with BEN not to hurt BEA, even though she's obviously crazy about him. [11. "PLEASE DON'T HURT HER".]

Scene 8: REGINA & REX go for take-out

REGINA joins BEN and REX in their office, and says that BEA is still back in her office. REX suggests that he and REGINA go downstairs for take-out, since they should have less trouble agreeing on something. [12. "SOUP".]

Scene 9: BEN in his office and BEA in her office

BEN, in his office, thinks out loud to himself about what REX has said about BEA's infatuation with him. He recalls that REX kept calling him 'BENNY' instead of 'BEN', which BEN knows is a 'tell' that REX is pulling a fast one. Still, he wonders if it's possible that BEA might have some feelings for him? BEN vigorously denies to himself that he cares in the slightest how BEA might feel about him. [13. "I DON'T CARE" (BEN's version).]

BEA, in her office, thinks out loud to herself about what REGINA said about BEN's infatuation with her. But, she recalls that REGINA kept repeating the word 'really', which BEA recognizes as a 'tell' that REGINA is pulling a fast one. Still, she wonders if BEN might possibly have some feelings for her? BEA vigorously affirms to herself that she doesn't care one bit how BEN feels about her. [13. "I DON'T CARE" (BEA's version).]

Scene 10a: BEA & BEN talk

BEN joins BEA in her office, and they chit-chat about the weather. BEN asks BEA how her social life is, and she says she's too busy for that. [14. "IT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS, BUT..." (BEN's version).]

BEA asks BEN about his social life, and he too says he's too busy for that. [14. "IT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS, BUT..." (BEA's version).]

BEA ends with a jibe at BEN, which he says is a good one that he won't try to top.

Scene 10b: BEA & BEN compare

BEA tells BEN that when they exchange jibes, some people might get the wrong idea. They might think that BEA and BEN are insulting each other to hide or suppress their true feelings for one another.

BEN says that this sounds like the Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, which he remembers from the Cliff Notes in college. BEA and BEN recount what REGINA and REX told them, and conclude that REGINA and REX are trying to pull a Beatrice and Benedick prank on them. [15. "I LOVE YOU" (partial rendition).]

Scene 10c: BEA & BEN plot:

BEA and BEN speculate on what REGINA and REX thought the effect of their prank would be. Perhaps REGINA and REX thought that BEA and BEN would both try to trap the other by pretending...?

Aha! Pretending! BEA and BEN decide to counter-prank REGINA and REX by pretending that the prank worked, and caused them to admit their true feelings for each other. They rehearse how they will pretend to be crazy about each other. [16. "JUST PRETENDING".]

Scene 11a:: BEA & BEN prank REGINA & REX

REGINA and REX return, having gotten coffee downstairs instead of bothering with take-out. They all chit-chat about the weather. REGINA remarks that BEA and BEN are acting peculiarly. BEA and BEN erupt into a confession of their newly found love for each other, and announce that they're getting married. [17. "WE'RE IN LOVE!".]

Scene 11b: BEA & BEN panic

REGINA and REX are delighted to hear that BEA and BEN have found true love and plan to marry. They begin making plans to send the announcement to everyone and to organize an engagement party. BEA and BEN realize that their counter-prank has worked too well, and panic. [18. "SLOW DOWN!".]

Scene 12a: BONNY & BARRY show up

There's a knock at the door. Nobody was expecting anybody. Who would it be? "Come in?"

BONNY and BARRY enter. They're REX's aunt and uncle who have a Bed & Breakfast in Barbados called Beaches & Bingo. REX had expected them to arrive tomorrow, but they got an earlier (discount) flight. REX introduces BONNY and BARRY to the others, and asks BONNY and BARRY how their B&B is doing. BONNY and BARRY say it's doing fine, and recount how much they like working together, rather than having separate corporate jobs. [19. "I CAN SEE HER WHENEVER I WANT".]

Scene 12b: BONNY & BARRY "Whoop-dee-doo":

BONNY and BARRY go on to say what a pleasure it is to run their own B&B. [20. "WHOOP-DEE-DO".]

Scene 12c: BONNY & BARRY "Another might-have-been"

BONNY and BARRY recount how they got married and then bought the B&B only by grabbing fleeting opportunities. [21. "ANOTHER MIGHT-HAVE-BEEN".] BONNY and BARRY then say they've decided it's time to retire. Their real estate agent says the Beaches & Bingo should sell fast, in a day or two.

Scene 12d: BEA & BEN confess

BEN announces that he wants to buy Beaches & Bingo. BEA says, "No! I want to buy it!". REGINA and REX are confused. "Aren't you two getting married?" [22. DIALOGUE - BEA AND BEN CONFESS.]

BEA and BEN confess that their engagement was a counter-prank and their expressions of affection were a pretense.

REGINA and REX aren't convinced that BEA & BEN's affection was insincere, and challenge then to refute it directly to each other. BEA and BEN hesitate, then burst into the love song that we first heard when they were rehearsing how to pretend affection. [23. "I LOVE YOU" (full rendition).]

[24. "DO WHAT'S RIGHT" (reprise).]

Musical Numbers

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