A one-act musical comedy

Words and music by Phil Shaw


Phil Shaw
1350 E Flamingo Rd #345
Las Vegas NV 89119 USA

(702) 372 8297

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  1. A telegram delivery boy jacket (and perhaps a cap) for TONY.
  2. Two jackets, for HELEN and SALLY, with conspicuous needlepoint.
  3. HELEN's needlepoint is a snuggly bunny.

  4. A coat rack where BOBBY hangs HELEN and SALLY's jackets.
  5. A stack of scores for the work being rehearsed, and a table or piano to put them on.


The first rehearsal for an opera, and the director has somehow promised top billing to both sopranos. Complications ensue.


BOBBY, an opera director, arrives for the first rehearsal of a new production ["2. THE DIRECTOR"). As he sorts out the parts ["3. HERE'S MY SCORES"] , he notes that the first soprano will be sung by SUSIE SILVERTON, whom has previously worked with and whom he promised top billing; he himself will sing the tenor part; and, he still needs to find a second soprano and a bass. There is a knock at the door, and TONY the telegram delivery boy arrives with a telegram for BOBBY. BOBBY is struck by TONY's voice ["4. I'LL SING"), and persuades him to go turn in his telegram delivery boy uniform and return to sing the bass part ["5. WONDERFUL, TONY"]. BOBBY then reads the telegram, which is from SUSIE SILVERTONE, saying that she won't be able to do the part. BOBBY now needs to find two sopranos. There is a knock at the door, and HELEN HAPPYHEART comes in, looking for another audition. BOBBY persuades her to stay and sing an aria ["6. BISCAYNE BAY"). BOBBY is greatly impressed ["7. BEAUTIFUL, AND SO MUCH MORE"], and gives her the second soprano part, promising her top billing. There is a knock at the door, and SUSIE SILVERTONE arrives, saying that her telegram was a silly mistake. She picks up a score, and sings her aria ["8. LOVE'S A BOTHER"). BOBBY applauds her performance ["9. AMAZING, JUST AMAZING"], and she thanks him for giving her top billing. BOBBY then starts to address the question of top billing, but the two sopranos interrupt him and begin the trio ["10. CAT FIGHT"). Mid-way in the trio, TONY returns and makes it a quartet. During the trio, the two sopranos dispute the question of top billing, and finally settle it amicably, leading to the finale ["11. RAISE THE CURTAIN"). During the finale, HELEN has taken a liking for TONY, and they make a first date. And, SUSIE and BOBBY rekindle their previous relationship.

Performance Notes

  1. The running time is 46 minutes, plus pauses between numbers.
  2. We assume that the story takes place at a time when there were telegram delivery boys.
  3. "6. BISCAYNE BAY" and "8. LOVE'S A BOTHER" are diegetic numbers, i.e. numbers from the opera that the group has met to rehearse.
  4. When TONY re-enters (having returned his telegram delivery boy uniform), he enters from the rear of the theater, delivers his "Meow", and then walks to the stage as he sings.
  5. "11. RAISE THE CURTAIN" is the final number, addressed to the audience. It contains three interludes that are dialogues for respectively HELEN and SALLY (letter "D"), SALLY and TONY (letter "F"), and then HELEN and BOBBY (letter "H"). Each of these dialogues between two of the characters is interleaved with another verse of "Raise the Curtain", sung by the other two characters. The two characters having the dialogue address each other, and the two characters singing the interleaved verse address the audience from another part of the stage. After the three dialogues, all four characters resume addressing the audience, first with a bridge (letter "I") done in canon style, and then with the final chorus (letter "J").

Musical Numbers

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