The Golden Gate

A One-Act Musical Comedy
(in two acts)

Words and music by Phil Shaw


Phil Shaw
1350 E Flamingo Rd #345
Las Vegas NV 89119 USA

(702) 372 8297

Copyright © 2018 by Phil Shaw - All Rights Reserved



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Props & Costumes

  1. Two engagement rings. They are described as having "a twisted band" and "a floral motif", but this isn't visible to the audience.
  2. A large night view of the Golden Gate Bridge. A projection, or possibly a photo.
  3. Costumes for the Halloween party. These shouldn't involve make-up (e.g. clown) or impede dancing. Possible costumes are:
  4. Recommended attire for the New Year's Eve party:
    • JACKSON and CHARLES: white dinner jackets.
    • CAROL: a party dress (preferrably white).
    • MARTINE: a party dress (preferrably red).
    • The PARTYGOERS: black tuxedos and party dresses (not red or white).


Two engaged couples, JACKSON & MARTINE, and CHARLES & CAROL, encounter each other at the Golden Gate Yacht club, first at a Halloween party and then at a New Year's Eve party. Complications ensue.


Act 1 - The Halloween Party


The ANNOUNCER welcomes everyone to the annual Halloween Party at the Golden Gate Yacht Club, with its view of the Golden Gate. ("2. SONG: THE GOLDEN GATE".) CAROL and CHARLES comment on their engagement, then MARTINE and JACKSON do the same.

CHARLES comments on CAROL's costume, and MARTINE comments on JACKSON's costume. ("3. SONG: EVERY DAY'S A BIT OF HALLOWEEN".)

CAROL and CHARLES notice the couple on the other side of the room (MARTINE and JACKSON) and comment on them. ("4. DIALOGUE: THAT COUPLE OVER THERE".) CAROL says that JACKSON is a surfer who's always at the beach. Likewise, MARtINE and JACKSON notice CAROL and CHARLES and comment on them. MARTINE says that CHARLES is a City Councilman who is said to be planning to run for Congress. The couples meet and introduce themselves. ("5. SONG: HELLO! HELLO!".)

CAROL and MARTINE comment on each other's engagement rings, CAROL's with the floral motif, and MARTINE's with the twisted band. CAROL notes that she and CHARLES are in a hurry to get married, because CHARLES is going to give a speech at the Grand Global World Conference in January, and he wants to show up as a married man, not a single guy. ("6. DIALOGUE - HI, I'M CHARLES", and "7. SONG: A MARRIED MAN".)

CHARLES says that he and CAROL will be making their first public appearance at the Flower Show that CAROL is competing in this Friday. CAROL notes that the Flower Show is Thursday, which startles CHARLES. MARTINE says she has heard that CHARLES is planning to run for Congress, and notes that he and CAROL will then live in Washington. CAROL says she prefers San Francisco to Washington, but MARTINE assures her that Washington is a lovely town. ("8. DIALOGUE - WE'LL BE MAKING OUR FIRST APPEARANCE", and "9. SONG: WASHINGTON IS SUCH A LOVELY TOWN".)

MARTINE says that CAROL will make a fine Congressman's wife, and CAROL says that she's going to be more than a Congressman's wife. ("10. DIALOGUE - I'M SURE YOU'LL LOVE WASHINGTON", and "11. SONG: THAT'S NOT GOING TO BE MY CAREER".)

CAROL notes that they've all been talking and ignoring JACKSON, and says they should talk about surfing so that poor Jackson can join the conversation. MARTINE says that JACKSON is also an architect with a long waiting list of clients. CHARLES asks if JACKSON will be designing a house for CAROL and him, and JACKSON says they can't afford one of his houses yet, so they'll get a nice cottage with a picket fene. MARTINE is startled by the mention of a picket fence. JACKSON says he needs an office manager who will make him surf less and work more. ("12. DIALOGUE - POOR JACKSON" and "13. SONG: I NEED SOME HELP".)

CAROL and CHARLES dance, leaving MARTINE and JACKSON. MARTINE asks if he really intends to have a cottage with a picket fence. ("14. DIALOGUE - DID YOU REALLY SAY PICKET FENCE?" and "15. SONG: A PICKET FENCE".)

CAROL and CHARLES rejoin MARTINE and JACKSON, and the latter couple goes off to dance, leaving the former. CAROL says that she really wants CHARLES to escort her to her Flower SHow on Thursday. CHARLES says that he always meets with his out-of-town backers on Thursday evenings. ("16. DIALOGUE - HERE COME CAROL AND CHARLES" and "17. SONG: FASHION ACCESSORY".)

MARTINE and JACKSON rejoin CAROL and CHARLES. CAROL and JACKSON go off to dance, leaving MARTINE and CHARLES. MARTINE and CHARLES indicate that they both dislike the other. ("18. DIALOGUE - HERE COME JACKSON AND MARTINE" and "19. SONG: YOU'RE SIMPLY NOT AT ALL MY CUP OF TEA".)

The men partygoers (BOBBY, BEN, and BERT) approach CHARLES. They say they have heard he's going to run for Congress, and ask him if he'll answer some of their questions. CHARLES states his positions on the issues they ask about. ("20. DIALOGUE - EXCUSE ME, COUNCILMAN" and "21. SONG: ALL PULL TOGETHER".)

CAROL and JACKSON rejoin MARTINE and CHARLES, and the latter go off to dance, leaving the former. CAROL is skeptical that an office manager would be able to get JACKSON off the beach and back to work. JACKSON is skeptical that CAROL can find any work other than being a Barbie Doll wife for CHARleS. ("22. DIALOGUE - THAT WAS GOOD, CHARLES" and "23. SONG: I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST".)

The two couples all get back together. MARTINE wishes CAROL good luck at the FLower Show, and CAROL says she'd almost rather not win, since CHARLES will be with his Thursday night backers, and so she won't have an escort. CHARLES says that maybe her brother could escort her, and CAROL says he'll be out of town on Thursday, and beside, he doesn't havve a tuxedo. MARTINE says "JACKSON has a tuxedo!", and CHARLES says "So JACKSON could escort CAROL to the Flower Show!". JACKSON indicates reluctance, and CHARLES says the Flower Show will be a good place to meet new clients. CAROL indicates reluctance, and MARTINE says that JACKSON will be a fine escort, in his tuxedo. Both CAROL and JACKSON remain reluctant. The ANNOUNCER says that it's time to end the party, since they have to vacate the room by midnight. Everyone leaves. ("24. SONG: DIALOGUE - HERE COME CHARLES AND MARTINE" and "25. SONG: EVERY DAY'S A BIT OF HALLOWEEN (REPRISE)".)

Act 2 - The New Year's Eve Party

CAROL arrives early at the New Year's Eve, wearing street clothes. She gets a phone call. She says (on the phone "Yes, it's true!...How did you hear?... We son't know yet, but I'm sure it's going to be a girl! ("26. SONG: DIALOGUE - HI THERE" and "27. SONG: I JUST CAN'T WAIT".)

Still on the phone, CAROL says "Yes I'm still going to work!... I've got a great job!...I'll take the baby to work!... of course it will be OK. I'm the boss and I'll saya it's OK!... The party's getting started, so I have to go change into my party dress". MARTINE enters, and CAROL says she hasn't seen her since the Halloween Party. MARTINE says she's been in Majorca for a couple of months. CAROL says she has to go change, and exits. ("28. DIALOGUE: YES I'M EXCITED!".)

BETSY enters and introduces herself to MARTINE. BETSY says she's new in town, and asks if MARTINE is alone too. MARTINE says yes, but her ex-fianceé might be there. BETSY says that "ex-fianceé" sounds sad, and MARtiNE says no, it saved her from an early divorce, and tells BETSY how she broke up with her ex-fiancé. ("29. DIALOGUE - HI, I'M BETSY" and "30. SONG: I'M OUT! IT'S OFF! WE'RE DONE!".)

MARTINE asks why BETSY is alone, and BETSY says she came to visit her sister JUSTINE, but JUSTINE met her at the airport and said she was leaving for a new job in Bahrain that suddenly came up. She asked BETSY to close up her apartment and sell her car. And she left BETSY her ticket to this party, and the phonne number of a man she's been seeing.

MARTINE says it's unusual for a woman to pass along her boyfriend to her sister, and BETSY says that the man wasn't JUSTINE's boyfriend. He's one of those men with a double life, a normal life, and a party life, and JUSTINE was his party girl for his party life. BETSY says that JUStine told her that the man had a large appetite, and whe she met him, she always took along a couple of other women to help her keep up with him. And JUStINE said that he had a big, a huge, an enourmous, a really big, really huge, really enormous... MARTINE interrupts and says she understands: big, huge, enormous. But, BEtSY and MARTINE agree that such sonsiderations don't really matter. ("31. DIALOGUE - WELL, MARTINE" and "32. SONG: SIZE DOESN'T MATTER".)

MARTINE says that the man must have kept BETSY's sister JUSTINE busy, and BETSY says that JUSTINE only saw the man one nght a week. ("33. DIALOGUE: THAT MAN MUST HAVE KEPT YOUR SISTER BUSY".) That's all, just one night a week. Thursdays. Yes, Thursdays. Thursdays with BIG CHUCK. JUSTINE called him BIG CHUCK, but his really name is CHARLIE. CHARLES.

CHARLES enters and greets MARTINE. MARTINE says "Hi CHARLES. CHARLIE. BIG CHUCK", and introduces him to BETSY. MARTINE tells CHARLES that BETSY is JUSTINE's sister, and that JUSTINE had suddenly left for a new job in Bahrain. But, MARTINE and BETSY assure CHARLES that they will take care of his Thursdays.

BETSY says she wants to phone her mother and tell her about JUSTINE's new job, and BETSY exits.

The women partygoers (JUDY, JANE, and JILL) approach CHARLES They say they have heard he's going to run for Congress, and ask him if he'll answer some of their questions. MARTINE interrupts and says that CHARLES has already made several speeches today, so to give him a rest, she'll be his spokesman and answer their questions. MARTINE states CHARLES's positions on the issues they ask about, using CHARLES's words. ("34. DIALOGUE - EXCUSE ME, COUNCILMAN" and "35. SONG: ALL PULL TOGETHER (REPRISE)".)

The women PARTYGOERS exit, leaviing MARTINE and CHARLES. ("36. DIALOGUE - YOU SURPRISE ME, MARTINE"). CHARLES says "You're quick and clever, MARTINE, I hadn't noticed", and MARTINE says "You're crafty and cunning, CHARLES, I hadn't suspected"

MARTINE says "It's a pity we didn't meet before...". CHARLES says "Before what". MARTINE says "Before you married CAROL". CHARLES says "CAROL? Married? To me? CAROL didn't marry me! CAROL married JACKSON! Here they are now! They just came in!" ("37. SONG: I FOUND TOMMORROW".)

CAROL and JACKSON join MARtiNE and CHARLES. CHARLES says that CAROL and JACKSON stopped at his place the day after the FLower Show to return his engagement ring, which he still has with him, and then they left for Lake Tahoe to get married.


MARTINE mentions the Grand Global World Conference, and CHARLES says he'd like to show up there as a married man. He takes out the ring CAROL had returned to him. MARTINE says "Yes", and they announce their engagment. CAROL and JACKSON rejoin them and congratulate them. ("39. DIALOGUE - I BELIEVE I ONCE SAID").

The ANNOUNCER counts down to midnight. HAPPY NEW YEAR! ("40. SONG: THE NEW NEW YEAR".)

MARTINE calls to BETSY to join her and CHARLES and CAROL and JACKSON. CAROL says that MARTINE will now be living in Washington, and CHARLES says he knows an elegant townhouse with a beautiful picket fence. MARTINE says she just loves picket fences. JACKSON says a picket fence is your own Golden Gate! ("41. DIALOGUE: I GUESS", and "42. SONG: THE GOLDEN GATE (REPRISE)".)

Performance Notes

  1. Time: The present.
  2. The running time is 1 hour 52 minutes, plus pauses between numbers. The first act is 62 minutes, and the second act 50 minutes.
  3. Setting: The Golden Gate takes place in the ballroom of the Golden Gate Yacht Club (a fictional place), with a panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  4. There are loudspeaker announcements at the beginning of both acts, and for the New Year's countdown. These are written for the piano player, to be sung (optionally spoken) while playing the piano. Alternatively, these announcements could be made by a separate Announcer.
  5. Song categories:
  6. Dancing:

Musical Numbers

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