Spring Break

A one-act musical comedy

Words and music by Phil Shaw


Phil Shaw
1350 E Flamingo Rd #345
Las Vegas NV 89119 USA

(702) 372 8297

Copyright © 2012, 2014 by Phil Shaw - All Rights Reserved



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  • CANDY (alto):
    • A hotel management student
  • MAC (tenor):
    • CANDY's more-or-less boyfriend, a music student
  • ARTHUR (baritone):
    • MAC's friend, also a music student
  • JJ Dupree (baritone):
A famous Broadway composer, giving a lecture to the music students


  1. CANDY, MAC, and ARTHUR wear informal, college-student clothes.
  2. JJ wears a classier, expensive-looking outfit, with something of a show-biz flair.
  3. JJ uses a cell phone and CANDY uses a smart phone.


Three university students in Las Vegas, CANDY, a hotel management student, and MAC (CANDY's more-or-less boyfriend) and ARTHUR, two music students, arrive for a recently announced lecture by JJ Dupree, the famous Broadway composer, whose hit show Roses Bloom on Sunday just opened at the new Grand Palmetto hotel casino. Complications ensue.


CANDY, MAC, and ARTHUR arrive for some sort of lecture. CANDY wants to take a spring break trip to Majorca, but her more-or-less boyfriend MAC has just written his first singing commercial with ARTHUR and wants to write more during the spring break. ARTHUR wants to take a spring break trip up to Idaho. CANDY sings about what she and MAC could do in Majorca. A man enters (JJ, but not recognized by CANDY, MAC, or ARTHUR) and asks if this is where the lecture will be. CANDY says yes, and tells him the lecture is at eleven. The man says he'll wait. ["2. MAJORCA"]

CANDY and MAC resume their argument over spring break ["3. MAJORCA, MAC"], and ARTHUR tries to convince MAC to go to Majorca with CANDY so that he can take a trip up to Idaho. MAC points out to ARTHUR that they are music students, about to graduate and so they need to start thinking about paychecks, lest they end up as stock boys at Walmart ["4. WALMART"].

MAC insists that he and ARTHUR have to stay home during spring break and write more commercials ["5. WE GOTTA WRITE MORE COMMERCIALS"]. CANDY asks how long the lecture will be, and says she had made lunch reservations for them at noon at a fancy new restaurant that just opened. MAC says that sounds expensive, and CANDY says the restaurant will comp them, since she works at the new Grand Palmetto hotel casino. MAC says that she's just an intern at the Grand Palmetto, and ARTHUR points out that for CANDY, being an intern means running the place. CANDY then asks who is giving the lecture, and MAC says that it's some famous guy whose name he doesn't know.

The man steps forward and introduces himself as JJ Dupree, the famous guy whose name they don't know. JJ then refleccts on what it's like to be both famous and unknown ["6. FAME"].

CANDY asks JJ if he's the JJ Dupree whose new hit show just opened at the new Grand Palmetto hotel casino, and she tells JJ that he should have let the hotel know about the lecture so that they could have publicized it ["7. YOU'RE JJ DUPREE?"]. It turns out that JJ's show was originally scheduled to play at Caesars Palace, but was switched to the Grand Palmetto after CANDY arranged for the Grand Palmetto to pay for restoring a park in JJ's old hometown ["8. JACKSON PARK"].

JJ returns the subject to the lecture he's supposed to give ["9. JACKSON PARK RE-OPENS THIS 4th of JULY"], and asks what CANDY, MAC, and ARTHUR do. MAC answers that CANDY is of course studying for the hotel business, and that he and ARTHUR have just started writing singing commercials. JJ asks to hear one of their commercials, and they perform the one that is currently on the air ["10. RALPH'S BIG JOB PLUMBING"].

JJ applauds the commercial ["11. WONDERFUL, I'M SOLD"] and asks how they got the job for that commercial. MAC says that CANDY got it for them, and CANDY says she'll findd them other commercials to do after they get back from their spring break trip to Majorca. MAC repeats that he and ARTHUR are going to stay home and work on new commercials, and CANDY accuses him of being a workaholic. JJ says that if they want to be workaholics, they can work on a commercial for his show. MAC and ARTHUR go off to the side to work on ideas for a commercial for JJ's show ["12. THE COMMERCIAL CONFERENCE"], and then MAC and ARTHUR perform that new commercial ["13. THE SMASH BROADWAY HIt"].

JJ says he'll buy their commercial ["14. SPLENDID! I'LL TAKE IT!"], then he gets a call on his cell-phone from someeone ('HAL') asking him to come to London and help fix some musical that's in trouble. JJ says he'll take an afternoon flight, and then he says goodbye to CANDY, MAC, and ARTHUR, and leaves.

CANDY finally realizes that her spring break trip to Majorca won't happen ["15. MAJORCA reprise"].

Suddenly JJ returns ["16. WHO'S THAT?"]. He says he's glad that CANDY, MAC, and ARTHUR are still there, because he wants to make one thing perfectly clear, namely, that he, JJ Dupree, would never, ever, invite a hot young college cutie to accompany him to Loondon for her spring break trip. CANDY begins texting on her smart phone, then says that she would never, ever, tell a famous Broadway composer that she had just made reservations for them both on the afternoon flight to London. MAC asks if she's really going to run off to London with JJ, and CANDY and JJ reply that life is full of the unexpected [another reprise of MAJORCA].

MAC gets a new idea, and tells ARTHUR that they should quit writing singing commercials, and write a Broadway musical. ARTHUR asks what their Broadway musical would be about, and they bounce ideas back and forth and settle on a Broadway musical about a famous Broadway composer who comes to town and gives a lecture to some students, whom they will (temporarily) refer to as MAC, ARTHUR, and CANDY. ARTHUR says that their musical will end when the famous Broadway composer leaves, taking MAC's girlfriend CANDY with him.

JJ interrupts and says to MAC and ARTHUR that their musical shouldn't end with the famous Broadway composer walking off with MAC's girlfriend. JJ says that instead, at the end of their musical, CUDDLES should arrive (CUDDLES now actually enters). CANDY, MAC, and ARTHUR ask who CUDDLES is, and JJ says that she's MAC's former girlfriend, who dumped him last year.

CUDDLES then tells MAC what a good girlfriend she'll now be ["17. HONEY PIE"].

CANDY now asks JJ what about ARTHUR: in MAC and ARTHUR's musical, CANDY gets the famous Broadway composer, and MAC gets his returned girlfriend CUDDLES, but what about ARTHUR ["18. AND WHAT ABOUT ARTHUR"]. JJ says 'Listen', and a loudspeaker announces the winning numbers for this weeks Lotto. Those number's are ARTHUR's! He won the lottery! Then the loudspeaker goes on to announce the amount of this weeks prise: three hundred eighty two dollars. ARTHUR says he'll go to Idaho!

CANDY, MAC, ARTHUR, and JJ then sing thee title song from JJ's show, "19. ROSES BLOOM ON SUNDAY". During an interlude:

  • CUDDLES tells MAC of the large house they'll need to accomodate her mother and her assorted farm animals.
  • CANDY asks JJ where he lives, and JJ says he has a house on a hill near the beach south of Palma. CANDY asks where Palma is, and JJ replies that it's on Majorca.
  • ARTHUR hears another loudspeaker announcement that two cheerleaders need a ride to the topless cheerleading contest up in Idaho. ARTHUR cheers, and then the announcement adds that the two cheerleader's names are Buster and Bruno.

Performance Notes

  1. The running time is 1 hour 4 minutes, plus pauses between numbers.
  2. The show takes place in a college classroom in which a leccture will be given.
  3. CANDY, MAC, and ARTHUR are college age.
  4. JJ is older, 35 or more.

Musical Numbers

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