A one-act musical comedy

Words and music by Phil Shaw


Phil Shaw
1350 E Flamingo Rd #345
Las Vegas NV 89119 USA

(702) 372 8297

Copyright © 2008, 2010, 2014 by Phil Shaw - All Rights Reserved



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  • JAKE (tenor):
    • LINDA's boyfriend, leaving Las Vegas to go to Boston for a better job.
  • LINDA (alto):
    • JAKE's girlfriend, staying in Las Vegas for family and friends.
  • FRED (bass):
    • FRED and LINDA's friend.
  • CASSIE (soprano):
    • FRED's new girlfriend(?)


  1. The setting is an airport flight gate.
  2. A sign for "GATE 33", and a sign (possibly the reverse side) for "GATE 62"
  3. Small carry-on suitcases for JAKE and CASSIE.


JAKE and LINDA arrive at the airport. JAKE is leaving for a new job in Boston, and his girlfriend LINDA, who is staying behind, drove him to the airport. JAKE's friend FRED shows up unexpectedly with his cousin CASSIE. Complications ensue.


The setting is an airport departure gate, marked GATE 33. The loudspeaker announces that Tomorrow's Flight to Boston has been changed to GATE 33 ["2. TOMORROW'S FLIGHT TO BOSTON"].

JAKE and LINDA arrive at GATE 33. ["3. AT LEAST WE'RE NOT LATE!"] JAKE and LINDA are long-standing sweethearts. JAKE is moving to Boston for a new job. LINDA doesn't want to move away from her family and friends, so they know that this is 'good-bye'.

JAKE and LINDA reminisce about their relationship. ["4. SOMEHOW WE MADE IT TOGETHER"] JAKE'S friend FRED had originally planned to take JAKE to the airport, but FRED got tied up with his new girlfriend CASSIE, so LINDA drove JAKE to the airport ["5. NOW YOU HAVE A NEW JOB IN BOSTON"], and express their feelings ["6. I ALREADY CRIED"]. JAKE and LINDA fret about each other as they prepare to say goodbye. ["7. HAVE YOU GOT EVERYTHING?"] Finally they realize it's time for the farewell ["8. YOU KNEW THAT IF"] and they say goodbye ["9. ONE MORE CHANCE TO SAY GOODBYE"]

The loudspeaker announces that the flight has been changed to GATE 62, and JAKE and LINDA hurry off.

The sign changes to GATE 62. FRED and CASSIE arrive at GATE 62 ["10. TOMORROW'S FLIGHT TO BOSTON, PREVIOUSLY"], and ["11. AT LEAST WE'RE NOT LATE" (reprise)]. They reflect on their mutual lack of sweethearts ["12. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SETTLE DOWN"] and ["13. LIFE'S A PARADE"]

JAKE and LINDA arrive at GATE 62, and are surprised to find FRED and CASSIE there ["14. JAKE! LINDA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!"]. It turns out that CASSIE isn't FRED'S new girlfriend, but his cousin, visiting him before she returns home to BOSTON. ["15. SHE'S MY COUSIN"]

After the confusion is cleared up, LINDA and FRED discover they have a lot in common, as do CASSIE and JAKE. ["16. PLAY BALL"]

Hints of a pairing begin to show, and the two pairs seem well on their way to being two couples. ["17. ARE YOU SEEING ANYONE?"] JAKE and CASSIE board the plane and FRED and LINDA head back to their cars. ["18. TOMORROW'S FLIGHT"]

Performance Notes

  1. The running time is 38 minutes, plus pauses between numbers.
  2. The action takes place at two different departure gates at an airport.
  3. The show assumes that these 'departure gates' are locations where friends can accompany passengers.
  4. For the first scene, the departure gate is marked with a sign "GATE 33". In ["10. TOMORROWS FLIGHT TO BOSTON, PREVIOUSLY"] a loudspeaker announcement says that the gate for the flight to Boston has been changed to "GATE 62". At that point, with neither couple on stage, the sign should change to "GATE 62", and then FRED and CASSIE enter.

Musical Numbers

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