Notes on the different types of demo recordings

These music pages have links to demos of the musical pieces.

  • MIDI files:
  • The demos for the Combo Tunes are MIDI files, which will play back on any music player, e.g. Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, etc. These files are for a small combo, and wouldn't benefit much from sampled MIDI playback.

  • MP3 files:
  • The demos for the Orchestra and piano pieces are MP3 files generated from sampled MIDI playback. This sound is close to real instruments.

  • Virtual Singer files:
  • The demos for the Musicals, Pop Songs, and Art Songs are vocals generated by the Virtual Singer software product (see That product generates simulated vocals from MIDI files for vocal songs. Note: the MIDI files generated by notation software (such as Sibelius or Finale) contain lyrics as well as music, and can be processed by the Virtual Singer software.

    The demos generated by the Virtual Singer software sound a bit odd, compared with real vocals, but are a better demo than the "choir ahhhs" generated for plain MIDI vocal files.

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